Multi-Million Dollar Brand Backstory

Any marketer with a dream and a business card firmly believes that “Multi-Million Dollar Brand” rolls right off the tongue. Honest marketers will also tell you that delivering on that statement is very difficult. However, Michael Schaffer, CEO of Echo-Factory, Inc. has managed to deliver on that goal multiple times. Furthermore, he willingly shares how he does this with the American Marketing Association – Inland Empire Chapter and its audience. The American Marketing Association – Inland Empire Chapter routinely brings winning tools to this area’s marketers and entrepreneurs, so they can connect better with their target market and sell more. Michael, through his leadership in Echo-Factory, has collaborated with the AMA-IE to build higher performance levels for marketing professionals.

Who Needs a Bigger Hammer?
Too often, marketers discover a solution to a specific business problem and deploy that one solution to every problem that they can find. Although Michael began as a creative agency, both his and his team’s expertise expanded to include additional marketing disciplines. Consequently, he uniquely contributes to clients in a structure consisting of: Strategy + Creative + Media. Actually, strategy drives the agency permitting the team to create tools that frame, direct, then solve more complex problems. That recipe results in Echo-Factory serving clients who benefit from nine-figure growth. Echo-Factory does not grow its business and their clients’ businesses by deploying bigger hammers. It grows its clients by deploying better strategies that empower ideas to deploy the hammer that the individual client needs.

Helping Clients Become Very Profitable
Hammers are not really the reason for Echo-Factory’s success. Sticking to its successful fundamentals works just fine. By building a team that focuses on business fundamentals, instead of niches, Echo-Factory has been extremely successful facilitating growth in industries as divers as aerospace, consumer goods, and healthcare. By paying strict attention to the strategic vision and strengths of its clients’ leaders, the agency focuses on specific growth tactics for that singular client. Whether it is refining branding or storytelling or strategic vision, Echo-Factory’s focused collaboration with leadership ensures that superior solutions find clearly defined problems. To their credit, a new website does not fix every problem. But, aligning strategic advantages with effective, multi-faceted communication does make large organizations bigger and stronger! Who does not want that?

Facilitating access to marketing experts who conquer business challenges is a prominent benefit of the American Marketing Association – Inland Empire Chapter. Sharing such wisdom with members and guests is the organization’s highest value contribution. Join the American Marketing Association – Inland Empire Chapter and special guest, Michael Schaeffer, CEO of Echo-Factory for their October 18 luncheon from 11:30 am to 1:00 pm at:
Rossa’s Cucina Enoteca
425 N. Vineyard Avenue
Ontario, CA 91764

Learn exactly what tools and tactics were involved when Michael Schaeffer reveals: How one agency helped 3 clients achieve $250 million of growth!

$19.97 for students – $24.97 for AMA Members – 27.97 for NAWBO, PRSA, AAF, IEWBC or CAPIO Members – $29.97 for Non-Members

By Glenn W Hunter
American Marketing Association – Inland Empire Chapter
VP, Communications

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