Marketing Experts Giveback: Ask-Receive-Achieve

Marketing Experts Giveback: Ask-Receive-Achieve
April 25 @ 5:30 pm – 8:30 pm
SPECIAL: Free for Non-Profit Organization Professionals
$0 for non-profit members – $15 for students – $20 for for-profit members – $25 for non-members

Growing a nonprofit organization is hard!! The mission is essential. The budget is tight. Achieving organizational goals is seemingly impossible. These challenges represent very real problems for nonprofit leaders. Fortunately, more effective marketing delivers very real solutions. Equally important, insightful and experienced marketing professionals are available to attack individual problems.

The Mission
Articulating nonprofit missions are necessary for galvanizing support and executing results. Founders and leaders have vision. That vision is the bedrock of the great work that nonprofit organizations perform. However, execution is where the organization makes a difference. Identifying and incorporating the expertise that moves the mission from leadership’s head and heart into the team’s hands and feet require more than compassion and hope. Professional marketing skills and tools that have successfully driven organizational transitions are the best bet to deliver real value. Simply, successful organizations secure the required intelligence that possess experience delivering on specific missions, and have made the difference in accomplishing initial plans.

The Budget
While most organizations perceive the budget as a financial exercise, as opposed to a marketing function, they overlook the importance of persuading the operation to believe and abide by its quantitative parameters. Marketing professionals that are skillful at positioning external communications toward fundraising and financial responsibility, also have tremendous insight into internal communications to keep the troops fiscally engaged and disciplined. Marketing professionals with experience in overseeing successful nonprofit organizations realize the importance of articulating internal monetary discipline in conjunction with external pronouncements of achievements. Imagine the benefits resulting from having that expertise at the organization’s disposal.

The Goal
Ultimately, effective nonprofit organization’s performance relies on successfully achieving goals. Leaders envision strategies, articulate actions, and quantify metrics, but delivering goals separates the nonprofit organizations with good ideas from the ones that make community impacts. Furthermore, the best leaders develop their ideas from other leaders whose experiences and accomplishments equip them for greater contributions. Ask – Receive – Achieve expands the ability for insightful nonprofit leaders to increase their capacity to be accomplished nonprofit leaders. The best leaders deliver superior solutions because they incorporate expansive experiences to resolve the most perplexing problems. This process achieves greater goals!

For more direct, expert insight, the American Marketing Association – Inland Empire Chapter is the resource that willingly connects tangible expertise to nonprofit problems. The upcoming Marketing Experts Giveback: Ask-Receive-Achieve Event on April 25 at 5:30 pm – 8:30 pm is the opportunity to secure precious results. Simply attend, ask, then exit with the tools to overcome the most pressing business challenges for your specific nonprofit organization!

Register for the event:

Marketing Experts Giveback: Ask-Receive-Achieve

April 25 @ 5:30 pm – 8:30 pm
$0.00 – Non-profit employee
$15.00 – Students (with code “Student”)
$20.00 – AMA member
$25.00 – Small business employee

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