How much is a video worth?

If a picture is worth a thousand words, how much is a video worth? The American Marketing Association – Inland Empire Chapter continues its duty to bring tools to this area’s marketers and entrepreneurs so they can sell more. Market research shows that if the Inland Empire was a state its population would surpass 23 other states. Marketing tools to penetrate successfully that marketplace are available and the AMA-IE accesses, then delivers them.

The Message
To bring the message, the American Marketing Association-Inland Empire Chapter partnered with Gary Lawson of Proud Digital Media to remove the mystery of why digital media is the dominant way to reach customers, prospects, and audiences. Simply, images, sounds and experiences come together for businesses and brands to communicate with their target markets.

The more effectively multi-sensory experiences communicate with audiences, the more goods and services that clever business leaders sell. Beyond creating intelligent content to entice target markets, digital media’s success relies on its ability to capture and analyze data that coincides with desirable content. The winning business leaders attract more attention with digital media, then has better data to grow their business with increased knowledge.

The Media
The media channels’ names are no longer a mystery: Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube, Snapchat are all recognizable ways to communicate in today’s world. However, learning the nuances and benefits of each medium not only presents a time challenge, but the strengths and benefits consistently change. Nevertheless, the business professional who does not keep up, nor employ someone who does, is at risk of watching their hard-earned marketing success speed by like a Tesla in the HOV lane. Business leaders who are not using video, may as well advertise in the morning paper so that their one customer can read the ad in his dining room over his morning breakfast. Meanwhile, everyone else makes buying decisions through their smartphones.

The Goal
Ultimately, The American Marketing Association – Inland Empire Chapter works to bring awareness to better marketing and to enable regional businesses to use more powerful tools to drive business growth. By bringing students, managers, entrepreneurs, educators, and consultants together to explore how to make the biggest business impact in the Inland Empire, all parties benefit.

Proud Digital Media benefits by making the local business community more aware of the tools and resources that win in individual competitive marketplaces. The business community wins by leveraging relationships and knowledge to grow more aggressively in a prosperous marketplace. Business professionals expecting increased success win by accepting new tools, technologies, insights, and collaborations to dominate their competition. More effective marketing is a surefire path to all those goals.

For more direct, expert insight, the American Marketing Association – Inland Empire Chapter provides and shares proven resources that willingly connect tangible expertise to marketing media problems. The upcoming “Video Marketing Secrets” Event on August 16 at 5:30 pm – 8:30 pm is a unique opportunity to secure precious results. Simply attend, ask, then exit with the tools to overcome the most pressing business challenges for your specific video media and marketing challenges!

By Glenn W Hunter
VP, Communications

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