Become the Next Google Analytics Superhero

Google. Digital. Data. Analytics. These terms instantly evoke images of marketing geniuses driving explosive value! On February 21, 2019, Robert Martinez will bring his digital mastery to Rancho Cucamonga, CA in conjunction with the American Marketing Association – Inland Empire Chapter. Roberto Martinez is the Founder and CEO of Braven Agency, a Digital Marketing Agency based out of Los Angeles. He is also a Google National Speaker Digital Coach. Roberto has worked with multiple startup and small businesses ranging from early stage to family owned enterprises. Furthermore, as a serial entrepreneur, Robert has launched multiple companies in the past decade.

Credible marketing professional often frivolously use terms, like expert, wizard, or guru in describing their ability to maximize impact in marketing’s datacentric ecosystem. Too many marketing audiences simply nod in approval with whatever they hear next. Consider the power and influence that marketing leaders command when they genuinely comprehend digital marketing concepts and its business value creation. How does that knowledge effectively reach more marketers? Who ultimately benefits from acquiring and deploying such power?

In this workshop participants will learn how to leverage free and paid analytics tools. Robert Martinez will assume his role as Google Digital Coach to deliver to the American Marketing Association – Inland Empire Chapter and other visiting progressive marketing professionals a transformative workshop. His expertise will shed light on many tactics to acquire website information and turn it into meaningful data to make profitable business decisions. Attendees will gain a deeper understanding of Google Analytics, and skill in making better, more customer-centric choices based on extracted marketing data. Most importantly, Robert will share the power to escalate careers and entrepreneurial trajectory through growing participants’ capabilities with regards to marketing data analytics.

Become the Next Google Analytics Superhero
Thursday, February 21 at the Victoria Club 4:00 PM – 6:30 PM
Victoria Club: 2521 Arroyo Dr. Riverside CA 92506
*Please be aware that there are No Jeans Allowed.

About the Speaker:

Robert is a speaker for Google’s Get Your Business Online Program and a Google Digital Coach. He has over 15 years of experience helping companies better use digital marketing tools. He has led over 100 Google digital workshops and has trained thousands of entrepreneurs on how to use digital marketing tools. He runs his own digital marketing agency and advises various chambers, incubators, and accelerators on scaling companies using digital marketing tools.

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