The American Marketing Association is the most relevant force and voice for marketers with over 30,000 members worldwide.

About the Next AMA

Currently, rebranding efforts are underway for the North American operations so that individual AMA chapters are a part of a national, empowering organization.

Want to know more?

Entitled Next AMA, this fundamental change was initiated by AMA CEO Russ Klein. Here you can watch the AMA Global Brand Identity video on YouTube that reflects both the transformation of the AMA and our vision for the future.

The Next AMA brand isn’t just about a new logo; our mission is delivering on a promise to better serve our members and our communities:

  • The AMA Marketplace – This marketplace of knowledge will be the go-to place to fuse the digital and physical AMA user experience.
  • New Intellectual Agenda – The Next AMA knows knowledge. Our intellectual agenda will focus on the 15 topics we have learned that matter most to marketers.
  • The Next AMA – Endeavors to build a community that is essential for marketers built on four tenets: We revere the marketer. We know the marketer. We serve the marketer. We think ahead for the marketer.
  • Pledge to Service Leadership – The Next AMA pledges to be of service to the wants and needs of all our members. We are driven to deliver a world-class user experience that makes the Next AMA feel like your AMA.
  • Pledge to Service Our Community – We are actively involved in our community. Volunteer and help us help out.